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What is Social Media Marketing ?

SMM marketing is the use of social media platform to drive website traffic, interact with customers, build business brand, and, ultimately, increase sales. SMM in digital marketing requires the creation of great content via social media profiles, engaging and listening to followers, analyzing results, and running social media marketing ads. With the number of social media platforms in circulation these days, businesses have several SMM packages from which they can pick.

Why do you need Social Media Marketing in 2020?

With the advent of the internet, local social media marketing and international social media marketing have made traditional marketing styles less desirable. With 3.499 billion active social media users, social media marketing is the new rave among businesses. You can use a social media marketing agency like ours to set up your SMM campaign. By using social media marketing management strategies for brand awareness, which includes, but not limited to, social media marketing on Facebook and social media marketing on Instagram, you’re more than guaranteed to increase traffic for your product and increase sales.




Why choose us to work on your Social Media Marketing?

Our social media marketing services in India is one of the best. Our social media marketing cost is very affordable, and our packages, which includes b2b social media marketing and b2c social media marketing, are very flexible. That said, our social media agency stands out as an exceptional SMM company in India, not only because of our social media marketing pricing, but also because of our social media marketing experts who are at your disposal to help you create social media marketing ads that are suitable to your business needs.

Types of Social Media Marketing :-

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Paid Social Media Marketing


Social media optimization Service in India

What is Social Media Optimization ?

In using social media marketing for awareness creation, there are two strategies available: SMO digital marketing and Paid Social Media Marketing. SMO marketing is very similar to search engine optimization. But on like optimizing a business page to make it appear first on the search engine results page, SMO services gotten from any SMO company in India would help a business optimize its social media profile with the aim of attracting plenty followers. Because the more the followers, the more the traffic, and in the end, more sales. 

Why do you need Social Media Optimization in 2020?

The answer is simple: results. When you optimize your business’s social media page, you attract followers. A social media optimization company in India can optimize your social media platform by creating high-quality contents that will attract huge following. When you need to find what contents perform best, you just need to keep repeating it. Consequently, the more followers you attract, the wider your reach and the more traffic you can generate for your ads. Businesses understand the importance of SMO in digital marketing, that is why many use one social media optimization company or the other to improve sales via social media.

Why choose us to work on your Social Media Optimization?

We are a SMO service provider with plenty SMO packages on offer that covers business needs across industries.  As an SMO expert, you’ll find our SMO service effective and, most of all, affordable. In all, our SMO service in India and social media optimization service in India well-known for enhancing the performance of businesses on social media.



Paid Social Media Marketing service in india

What is Paid Social Media Marketing ?

Paid social media advertising or paid advertising on social media is the other strategy businesses employ when using social media marketing. Social media marketing paid advertising involves businesses using paid social media ads for awareness creation. In other words, it is the use of paid social media campaigns by organizations to display paid social media posts on social media platforms. Paid social media marketing uses either social media platforms or influencer-generated contents to display ads.

Why do you need Paid Social Media Marketing in 2020?


As stated already, paid social media marketing rids you off the need to organically grow followership for your business’s social media page. You can use a paid social media advertising company in India like ours to manage your paid advertising on social media and run your paid social media promotion. Another advantage paid social media campaigns gotten from a paid social media agency in India like ours is that you can use paid social media ads to target specific customers or audience. With paid social media platforms allows, you get to expand the reach of your business. Essentially, PPC social media advertising helps you diversify your class of customers and attract new leads. The importance of paid social media marketing to businesses is well-known, which is why companies hire a paid social media advertising company to manage their paid social media campaigns..

Why choose us to work on your Paid Social Media Marketing?

Our paid social media agency department has the best paid social media specialist working to design paid social media campaigns that will increase your businesses online visibility. With the paid social media services available, you are rest assured of an impressive ROI.


We work with influencers across board. These influencers have a diversified audience and they’re well experienced to provide the necessary ad platform for you to get your products out there.

Types of Paid Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads

Facebook paid ads is a type of paid marketing that allows businesses to use Facebook paid campaign. All over the world now, Facebook paid promotion is the marketing must-have for companies. According to reports, there are over 6 million separate companies that utilize Facebook ads management to create awareness for their products and services. Based on projections, Facebook marketing services alone will accrue over $4billion in revenue for Facebook in 2020.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a relatively new social media platform –  it was created in 2010 – so is Instagram paid advertising. However, Instagram has seen a rapid growth in its number of users over the years. Currently, Instagram now boasts of over 800 million active users, making paid ad on Instagram an effective advertising strategy. Similar to Facebook ads, Instagram advertising service allows businesses to post sponsored content for a fee. There are Instagram ads experts that help businesses set up their paid Instagram marketing.

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